Friday, February 5, 2010

The Grand Ball.

I raveled up the scroll the messenger had just delivered me. 12 kings in one castle, and the weather was looking grim. I couldn't have asked for better conditions. I uncorked a small brown bottle and a noxious green cloud rose into the air. I slowly poured the mixture into a bowl, careful not to make any contact with it. Covering my mouth with a loose cloth, I unsheathed my blades and dipped each of them into the liquid. Cautiously, I sheathed each knife, one by one. I poured the fluid back into the bottle and corked it tightly. The next room over held a vast array of weapons, grabbing my wristbow, I strapped it to the underside of my arm. The 6" bolts circled my arm and were automatically fed into the bow. I pulled my cowl up and walked out the front door, locking, unlocking, and then re-locking the bolt-lock.

"My Lord, you must heed this message! The Virant have sworn against your life! This party must not commence; Or I shall accuse you of TREASON!" The king stopped in his path and turned to to face his advisor.
"You shall do no such thing. You are under my orders, and as of this moment, I command you to"seek out the assistance of those... Adventurers. After what happened with that excavation, I shall see that they are kept in my aid."
"Sir, you would put your life in the hands of these vagrant... Mercenaries?"
"I shall do what I must to protect this kingdom! Brynthorn will not be tarnished because of the suspicion of some... Assassin!"

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