Sunday, February 14, 2010


     Karthos panted as he crushed the dirt beneath his boots. Blood dripped from where the Dragonborn shoved an elbow right into his face. The Blue helm he wore did nothing to protect him. None of the armor did; every crevice was filled with dirt and sweat.
     The moderator blew his whistle and Karthos sprinted for the disc. He huffed and puffed as the other team also bolted from the other side of the field. The white chalk beneath his feet blurred as his legs thrust his body forward. He leaped for the disc, as his fingers latched onto the curved edges, he tucked his limbs inward as he turned his momentum into a roll. As he came out of the roll, he was greeted by a leathery heel to his ribs. He coughed as all the wind was knocked out of him, and the disc flew from his grasp and right into the small arms of a halfling assassin.
     Sindara clutched the disc under one red-gloved arm and bolted to the Blue goals. She situated it behind her head and flung it high into the air.
     Shane jumped with an outstretched red glove as the disc drifted right towards him. Eyes locked on the target, he failed to see the Blue knee that drove home to his gut. He flopped to the ground in shock and Evaline caught the disc, immediately throwing it deep into the Red territory.
     Colby ran up a small boulder in the middle of the field and flew into the air to complete the pass, landing gracefully into a full run. His blue arm band swelled and flexed as he held on the disc tucked into his chest. He felt the ground rumble beneath him as he crooked his neck to see the Goliath Barbarian, draped in a red tabard, close on his heels. He was so close, just one, quick flick and the disc would fly home into the mouth of the net. He felt his boots dig deep into the soil and launching him ever closer to the red nets. His heart was hammering in his chest, and his lungs were burning. 30 steps- 25 steps- 20 steps away, Colby began developing a tunnelvision on the net in front of him. To his demise, A fist built like a tree trunk collided with his face and knocked him off of his feet, but it was too late.
     High in the air, spinning wildly, was the disc. Light bounced and flew off of the shiny surface as it carved a path to victory. It slowed as it reached the apex of it's journey. It began to fall, drifting slowly at first, but quicky gaining momentum as it fell. Rexus, the Goliath, ran, standing in front of the goal like a tower guarding a mouse, faster and faster the disc spun, Rexus' outstretched hands bracing for the impact of an interception when-
     The stadium roared in disbelief.

Never had a game like this been seen.

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