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It was cold. All of Escarus was frozen in thick, permanent ice. Howling winds whirled around the globe relentlessly. A fledgling planet created by the Gods millions of years ago, and ignored by those same Gods until the Day of Light.

The Day of Light was the single event that brought life to Escarus. The mighty Pelor stood with Escarus in the palm of his hand; the moving, shifting globe no bigger than a pea in his awesome presence. Pelor leaned in close to Escarus and breathed a deep breath of life upon it's surface. Ice melted, grassy meadows growing in it's absence. Trees grew faster than their shadows, Oceans crashed on the shore, life had begun.

Bahamut felt this breeze through space and traveled to Escarus.
"And this is where I shall begin new life." Boomed Bahamut's deep, slow voice.
And as he spread his wings, fire leaped from his throat and 10 meteors crashed to the ground, leaving a group of his children on the planet; five noble and five corrupt.

The five evil dragons were as follows:
One fledgling White dragon, to remind Escarus of the Ice in which it was once encased,
One nasty Black dragon to rule the Boggy swamps,
One Vile Green dragon to control the deep forests,
One Harsh Blue dragon to reign over the storms,
And the vicious Red dragon to keep the fire deep within the earth,

Their Righteous brothers struck the Planet in five different locations.
One elegant Brass- to protect the Desert's secrets,
One admirable Copper- perched in the mountains,
One honorable Bronze- to watch over the Oceans,
One exceptional Silver- Defending the arctics,
And the superior Gold dragon- deep within seclusion.

And from the eggs of these dragons rose the Dragonborn, a race whose history was deeply rooted in draconic ways. Raising kingdoms and waging wars, the Dragonborn were a fiery race that always thirsted for more.
King Kildarien led the Dragonborn in a battle against the Dwarven race, for control of the Crystal Bend Mountain Range which ran it's course along the entire Eastern coast.

The Dwarven people were a hearty and steadfast race. The first Dwarf was honed from the purest of metals by Moradin, the God of Creation and Patron of Artisans. Those who followed made their living with mining and smithing in the mountains. When the Dragonborn encroached on their territories, the Threatened Dwarves, led by Karigan Kilgore, their king, declared all out war, swearing to push the Dragonborn back to- and well beyond- their Windy Valley homelands.

The Dwarves succeeded.

With the grueling defeat hanging over their heads, the Dragonborn secluded themselves deep within the Antilor Desert, with few tribes defecting to a small group of Tropical islands off the
North coast: The Atlas Draconus.

Pelor didn't leave Escarus after he brought it to life, he was one of a small handful of Gods who stayed and watched over it's inhabitants.

Kord arranged the wars, set up the pieces to be knocked down by both sides. He had no alignment, caring not for who won his battles. He saw it as lesson he taught. The art of War was just that, an art; And the only way one could better themselves in an art was to practice. In Kord's eyes- that practice was never over.

Melora kept the forests green and the oceans wet. She can be both the wave that drowns and the Tree that shelters. A neutral god who keeps civilization from overstepping it's boundaries.

The Pantheon kept their distance, though they prided in what had transpired through the centuries.

The development of Human Civilization had seen it's rise in the last ten thousand years. From the Battles of Grundy the Strong, over 7,ooo years ago, to the National War just centuries past. History continues to pave it's stories all over Escarus, shedding blood just as quickly as it makes unions. Unpredictable and Capricious is human life that it takes many forms- Paladins
who fight for their gods, Sorcerers who curse life with their spells, and even Thieves who pillage stores for their wares.

But Humans, Dragonborn, and Dwarves aren't the only ones who occupy Escarus.

A dark pact and an ancient, grim reminder keep the Tiefling away in the shadows. With the
Tescardo Family reigning over the entire race, times were thick with rebellion.
Long before Pelor introduced the sun, Amion Tescardo, a human- the first human king, to be exact- made a pact with the Dragonkin. Kaiser Amion asked the Dragonkin to grant their
abilities to his people. When the Kaiser's people found out they split into two groups- those who followed their leader, and those who despised his
audacity. The mighty Red Dragon, self-named Karthatos, whose fiery tendrils could easily be spotted from miles in every direction, snidely agreed to this pact, swearing that forever would Amion's people be reminded of his bold actions. Disgusting by the Human's request, Karthatos gave the Kaiser and his followers the worst qualities of his kin; Tainted skin, twisted horns and a constant reminder that Dragons will not be triffled with.

These, and thousands of other creatures inhabit the world of Escarus. An everchanging place of trade, travel, knowledge, and power. Cities of massive population and tribes of simple people.

A continent filled with kingdoms and promises.
A land teeming with murders and mysteries.

A world riddled with Dungeons & Dragons.

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